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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) :

 Q Who can open a Web portal?
A Any body, whoever wants to go online. Be it an individual, firm, company, institution, Shop, Business, etc.
Q  What  is the benefit of going online?
 A Online means on Internet and Internet means around the world. So if you are doing a business in a normal way, your business is recognized by the local people or community, but if you are online, your business is viewed by the entire world. To put it down in points :

  • Publicity
  • Visibility of your whole business in few clicks
  • Increase sales
  • Digitalization of your work
  • Work management in better manner
  • Ease of doing business, reaching people effectively even from remote areas
  • Your customers are always within your reach, no matter where ever they stay
 Q  What is a Web portal and how is it different from Website
 A  A Web portal is a page designed to solve a specific work, or a web page which can be used to provide certain kind of information. Whereas a Website is collection of many web portals, images, videos, informations, etc.. And a website will always have a domain extension, i.e. .com, .org, .net, .in,, etc.
 Q  Why shouldn’t I go for a Website instead of a renting a Web portal.
 A  Good question, a web portal always costs much less than a website. Neither a web portal nor a website runs on its own, websites and web portals require frequent maintenance & working on it, to keep it running. Suppose you get a website developed from some place, but after the development there is no maintenance or addition or deletion or promotion work on the website then there will be no person who will be visiting the website. And a website requires renewal every year, and the renewal rules are very strict and punctual, that means if you get delayed by even a day from the date of renewal, your website gets expired and your domain is open for sale. For designing a website of your own, if you are not a web designer yourself, you have to hire an employee only to maintain your website on regular basis. || Whereas opening a portal with us you do not have to bother for any thing. You do not require any computer knowledge, you do not have to bother about the yearly renewal, you do not have to bother for making it, running it, you do not have to hire an employee to maintain it, etc., as our tech support team will be doing it for you. You just have to pay the monthly maintenance cost, which is very minimum in comparison to making and maintaining a web site of your own. Click here to know the benefits in details for opening a web portal with us.. 
 Q  After making a web portal with you, will my business run like a Bullet Train? Will I become rich in one night?
 A  To be very clear how the thing works, let’s understand, you are operating a traditional business strategy, wherein people from nearby places comes to you for purchasing some product or some services, but people out of your area or region does not know your business. So a web portal is providing you a platform where in people around the world can come in contact with you or view your business and make use of your business. Yes regarding growth, in business the more you spread the more you grow. But nothing happens in one night. You have to give time, patience and quality to grow. “Nothing happens over night”.
 Q  If Web portal is a platform for communication with the entire world, so why can’t I use social networking sites to do that? I can display my products or services on social media sites instead of opening a web portal with you.
 A  A social networking site and a web portal or website are two different things. A web portal is like you are displaying your entire shop / business at one go, whereas a social networking sites are incapable of doing so. More over in web portal you can integrate payment gateway (free on our site as we are channel partner for Payumoney) and forms and other things whereas in social networking sites you can’t; for taking money from a customer in social networking site or other wise, you have to look for other mediums.
 Q  So, why can’t I open my business with other big brands who are having online shops?
 Surely, but you will not get the benefits which you will get here. Click here to read Membership Benefits… Basically your brand your name, that is what we are giving you, you do not have to pay us any percentage from your sales. It’s your business you decide what to do for it. We will manage your computer part.
 Q  Since I am a computer illiterate, how can I manage my web portal?
 A You do not have to manage your web portal, we will do it for you and that is why you are paying us for. You just have to manage your product show case, which we will teach you how to do that, and we are always beside you when ever you ask for help. More over if you are using Smart Phone, doing Whats APP or Facebook or Twitter, or any thing else, you can easily do it. We make your portal in such a manner that it is easy to use and share.
 Q  So, how my web portal will look?
 A  Click here to view the Demo Portal... in case you want to make some changes, we will be happy to do it for you, (provided by limitations of web designing on our web site)
 Q  Since your office is not here, how can we contact you, and have faith on you?
 A  We are a online firm, and we are working global. I hope now you understand the importance of going online. Where ever we stay, we are always in touch with you. and regarding faith, we will suggest you to just dare to do it once, you will not loose your trust on us. And more over the amount you are paying is so less in comparison to making and maintenance of web site, you can easily take the risk. And in business, risk has always been a growth factor. And for contacting us Click here…
 Q  I am impressed, how can I join you?
 A  Yes sure, for opening web portal you may contact us directly (Click here to contact us…) or you can approach our team member who has visited you.

And for doing part time job with us, we are always looking for Part Time Business Coordinators Around the world who help us to extend our business to your area. Refer to this advertisement.. you can work according to your wish no targets, or pressure. But if you work, you earn.

 Q  I am running a small business from my home, can I open a online shop / web portal with you?
 A  Yes sure you can, Click here to contact us.. or contact our team member, we will tell you how to manage your business.
 Q  How the cost of a product will be calculated? Do I have to bear the courier charges? What are the other charges I have to bear?
 A  It is easy, we will provide you all information in trainings after your joining, and as we told you, you will always find us beside you.
 Q  I am not interested in doing business outside my area, i.e. through out India or World. why do I need a web portal?
 A  Agree, that you are not interested in expanding your business, but the world is moving in a fast pace online. Means it is a facility, that you can show your entire shop or business in a web portal. Even if you are not spreading your business in the entire world, but having a web portal eases your publicity in your area. Let’s take an example Business “X” is issuing some offer, which they want to advertise. Now advertising through conventional modes like TV, newspaper, etc. costs more than maintaining a web portal. Second thing is now a days having a web link of your own like “” gives business an extra popularity, image, rapport. There are many other benefits of having a web portal which can be discussed.
 Q  Do I have to make the web maintenance charges every month?
 A  Ideally yes, but there are other options like paying half yearly or yearly in one go, eases your burden for making monthly payments.
 Q  Will I be able to upload the products in show case, as I do not have any knowledge of computer?
 A  Do not worry, we will teach you every thing. We will not only teach you uploading products yourself, but also other things related to your work which will make you a smart person than what are you now.
 Q  Do I need a computer / Laptop to maintain my store / web portal?
 A  Not necessarily, you can work with Smart Phones or Tablets also. Having a computer is an added advantage because of big screen. The visibility is better.
 Q  How will people come to know about my web portal?
 A  It’s easy, the portal we make is user friendly and easily sharable. We will teach you every thing in training, do not worry!!
 Q  What if some body doesn’t pay for the products he / she purchased?
 A  Nothing to worry about, until a customer pays through payment gateway, he / she will not be able place a order. We do not entertain “Cash on delivery system” 
 Q  How will I come to know if a purchase has happened? Do I have to go to the purchase portal every day, every time?
 A  Not necessarily, when ever a purchase happens or money is transacted, you will receive an email and a SMS (if registered) on your registered number. So at that time you have to go to your purchase portal to find out the details of purchase made and work accordingly.
 Q  What if no sale happens from my web portal?
 A  It never happens like that, things may take time depending on many things, and business needs patience. As we told you “Nothing happens over night”. Even if you are not having expected sale, you are using your portal for publicity, you are getting recognized. You are saving on advertisement & publicity costs automatically.
 Q  I am running a sweet / cake shop, how can your web portal be helpful to me?
 A  Very simple, we will make your portal in such a manner that all your products can be displayed and people can order you on phone. You will be able to share your online shop easily whenever you wish. Your delivery boy delivers the materials and collects the money  and comes back. This concept is applicable to all those businesses who wants to operate in local area and do not want to expand their business to India or World.
 Q  We own a Band / Orchestra, How can your web portal be helpful to us?
 A  Very effective, as your web portal will be viewed through out the world, which will make you popular very soon. The second thing is you need to show your performances to popularize your self, and the best thing is having your own web portal / channel,  which will display all your performances instantly through out the world. In future you may also opt for payment gateway for transferring your payments electronically directly to your account.
 Q  We own a Fish / Meat / Vegetable / Fruit Shop, How can your web portal be helpful to us?
 A Very easy, all you have to do is spread your web link to your customers.  Tell them that they can view the fresh items daily and order on phone. Take their orders and provide them home delivery, take your money and come back. This way your customers will be more happy as they do not have to come to the market to buy items out of their busy schedule. 
 Q  I run a Catering & Decorator service, How can your web portal be helpful to me?
 A  In your business the main thing is samples (demo) and publicity. When you open your web portal with us, we will upload all your creations, styles on your portal. Which will help your  customers to not only view but also choose type of decorations they need for their event. On a primary stage of your deal you share your web link with them, so that they can view your items, and then you follow up in details about business.
 Q  We are already having a web site, we do not need your web portal, or why do we need your portal?
 A  Good question, let us explain it this way; our site is visited by more than 90+ countries, (for latest figures view, is our viewers viewing your website?  Probably no, in the ocean of websites they probably do not know that your website exists. So to redirect our viewers to your website you need to have a link of your website on our website, and that is where our website comes into role. Our website is like a Mela (trade fair), where in many websites / web portals are connected together for promotion. So who ever visits the Mela, they visit your website as well along with other websites. And that is why big brands are also associated with our web site, click here to view.  People purchasing through us from these big brands gets benefits. They are also looking for the same thing from us, larger crowd visits to there websites and that is why they are associated to us, so why not you??
 Q  I don’t know usage of smart phone, but I am interested in making my business Online. How can i do It?
 A Are you using simple mobile phones? I hope yes, using a smart phone and basic phones doesn’t have much difference, except that basic phones are button based and smart phones are touch / swipe based. A smart phone has lot more facilities than a basic phone. So if you buy a smart phone today, by using it regularly, you will come to know how to use it. And as we all are moving towards digitalization, if you are not using smart phone today, you will be forced to use it tomorrow. So why delay, make yourself smart with a smart phone today. It’s much easier to learn than you think.
 Q  This one is a most asked question. Why do I need a Online shop or Web Portal or Web Site or Online Presence etc.; when I am earning good enough from my physical shop or physical business.
 A  Because the world is moving to online and you are also a part of it when you are also purchasing products online. And you also realize the comfort and goodness in that. Being online means your presence every where, which gives you more publicity and much bigger area to launch your business. The world is yours if you are online. Transforming online with us is much cheaper and hassle free than you would have thought.  Moving to online is much, much cheaper than having and maintaining a physical shop. Click here to get a FREE ENQUIRY CALL from us.
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