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Let’s tell you why you should join us, or what is different in us which benefits you.


Your own Online Shop / Web Portal. We are just managing it on internet for you. You will be able to display all your products, your entire shop in one go, which is not possible in social communication sites like facebook, twitter, whatsapp etc.


Your Own Brand. You will be selling your products with your own brand, your own shop / organization / institution name, we do not have any interferences on that.


Your Own Prices. Again we do not have any interferences in that, we do not charge any commission on your sales as well.


Your Own Payment Gateway. That simply means what ever the customer pays you, the amount enters directly to your bank account, we or other’s have no involvement in that. Your deal is your money.  We arrange a payment gateway for you from payment gateway companies and link it to your shopping site.


Your Own Bulk Payment Gateway. Suppose some distributor or your client wants to transfer bulk amount to you instantly, you have bulk payment gateway for that. Again we do not have any involvement on that. Your deal is your money.


Your own shop / portal URL (link). which means, who so ever you share this link with will be able to enter in your online shop without any hassle across the world. Example – (demo shop / portal)


Business growth by latest promotion and facilities, so that bulk purchasers or clients may contact you directly, without any issues. We will provide you training on the same.


Easy to share your Online Shop / Web portal on social networking sites, SMS, and other communication modes. We design your online shop in such a way that you will be able to share it to the world in just one click of your mouse, or by sharing the link to the entire world by any means. Thus attracting more customers every time.


Free training and tips for managing your online shop / web portal. We will always provide you tips and trainings to improve or publicize your Online shop free of cost.


Above all, no computer knowledge required to manage your online shop / web portal. Our technical team is always working on the back end to support you and your online shop. Hence even if you are not computer educated, you can have your own online shop and run it efficiently.

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