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Get your FREE DEMO WEB PORTAL (limited visualisations) for any business purpose. No computer knowledge required by you. Our technical team will be making and managing your online portal for you. When you get satisfied with Demo Web Portal, you can upgrade to Membership Portal.

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How it works?

Step 1: You fill up the online form mentioned below and select “Free Demo Web Portal”.

Step 2: We validate your authentication and approve your form for development of “Free Demo Web Portal”.

Step 3: On the basis of information provided by you in the form, we make a free demo web portal and intimate you with a distinct hyperlink (like “www.kliknet.in/abcdefgh”). Since this portal is demo portal it contains only limited visualisation and your information. 

Step 4: We detail you the effective way of using the portal.

Step 5: After using the portal you become interested in purchasing membership.

Step 6: We send you an agreement document which should be filled by you and to be sent to us for verification. On successful verification we ask you to pay the annual membership amount. 

Step 7: After successful verification and annual payment received, we upgrade your current portal to a membership portal and enter all information related to your business. 

Step 8: Your membership subscription remains active for one year only and on expiry we intimate you to renew the portal by paying the annual renewal charges and it continues.

Step 9: Since we do not entertain fraud portals, verification is a very crucial step for us. Hence you are requested to provide us true information only. In any case we find that the information provided by you is incorrect, we may delete your portal and take necessary action against you.

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